Q: Do you work with Non Bridal Clients? 
Absolutely! Apart from Bridal Clients, I also work with clients who require makeup and hair design for personal branding, professional digital content creation, editorial/fashion/lifestyle photoshoots, and TV/Film/Video production. If you have a request for what I provide, please use the contact form in this page to send an inquiry. 

Q: Can you do my makeup for my birthday party / baby shower / sweet 16 / graduation party?
At this moment, appointments for these events are only provided to my former bridal clients and current clients. 

Q: How much do you charge for makeup and hair? 
Please let me know the location, time you need to be ready for and details about the type of event you are having. You will receive a pdf file that is titled as "Investment Packages" or "Dayton Studio Price List". 

Q: Your rates work for me. What is the process to book you? 
The Investment Packages" or "Dayton Studio Price List", that you have received from me has all the information you need to book me. Please review it thoroughly and if there is anything in there you do not understand, I would be happy to clarify them for you. 

Q: I want to book you for my pre wedding event / bridesmaids / family members. Is that possible? 

Appointments for these events are provided to clients who have a wedding day package booked with me. If you have one, please go ahead and send your inquiry! 

Q: I want to book you for only Bridal Makeup Or Bridal Hair. Is that possible? 

A Bridal Makeover is incomplete without Makeup Art, Hair Design and Drape Art. I am the sole creator of the Bridal Makeovers I have curated since the past decade and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.  

Q: I am a Wedding Planner / Coordinator / family member / friend that is interested in your services for a client / relative / friend. How can I get a quote from you? 

Please go ahead and send an inquiry to artist@arfana.com. Kindly make sure to copy the bride in your inquiry to me failing which it will not be regarded as a serious inquiry. Thank you for your kind and gracious understanding. 


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