One of the most common questions I get asked by my clientele is - 

"What got you into makeup?"   

Well, it all started from my years of training for Indian Classical Dance as a child. My Bharatnatyam teachers - Sreemathi Geetha Kumar & Kalamandalam Malathi Suneesh - are who I credit for introducing me to the world of makeup and its transformation powers. For 8 year old Arfana, it was love at the first sight of a sharp crisp eyeliner. What started as an innocent experimentation with liquid eyeliner by the age of 9, soon took a life of its own and led me to the path I am in today.  

Being certified in the state of New Jersey and having my work published in reputable publications like Brides and Harpers Bazaar has given me the confidence to pursue my childhood dreams of being a Professional Makeup Artist.   

My greatest strength as a makeup artist is to bring out the best in my clients and make them feel their most beautiful and authentic selves. My business motto has always been to do right by my clients and I value incredibly about how a woman feels in my chair. I have great respect for my art and care deeply about what I present to the world as my creation. 

As a former Accounts & Human Resource Executive, I pride on being punctual and organized as a Professional Makeup Artist. My people management skills, ability to think proactively and troubleshoot has proven as an added benefit when working with bridal clients. Most importantly, my education in color theory and experience with clients of different skin tones has earned me the reputation of being a versatile Artist.  

And for that...... I remain eternally grateful. 



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